Jaime Caballer, Tristan Maurer, Paul Meulenbroek, Raimond Ouédraogo, Andreas Melcher

Idrissa Kaboré, O. Moog, A. Ouéda, J. Sendzimir, R. Ouédraogo, W. Guenda, and A. H. Melcher

Ouedraogo, R., Soara, A. E., & Oueda, A. (2015). Description du peuplement piscicole du lac sahélien de Higa, un site Ramsar du Burkina Faso, Afrique de l’Ouest. Journal of Applied Biosciences, 95, 8958-8965.

Description of the Fish community of the Sahelian Lake Higa, a Ramsar site of Burkina Faso, West Africa

Dr. Moumini Savadogo from IUCN Burkina Faso presented the first fish species red list at Hawaii. The minister of Environment of BF was very supportive during the presentation and countries like Senegal, Cameroun, Togo and Benin expressed interest in the SUSFISH programme.