SUSFISH Book available (English/French)

by Martin Seebacher (comments: 0)

Within the project SUSFISH+ - Sustainable Fisheries and Water Management - extensive empirical research has been carried out on by a consortium of researchers from Burkina Faso and Austria dealing with fish in Burkina Faso.

The SUSFISH book, Sustainable Fisheries and Water Management - Transformation Pathways for Burkina Faso, presents some of our lessons learnt from APPEAR Projects [56] and [166] SUSFISH and SUSFISH+.

The commitment of the project members to work together and to tackle actual problems in the fisheries sector yielded interesting results covering facets of the natural, political and the human sciences related to Burkinabe fisheries and aquatic ecosystems. This research encompassed systemic assessment of how links and interactions within and between these facets affected Burkinabe fisheries, including threats to the Burkinabe aquatic ecosystems, climatic changes, fish and benthic macroinvertebrates, and the socio-economic sides. This book gives insight and stimulation for development and research in that sphere thus giving an understanding to socio-economic development of African inlands waters.

The book ends with recommendations to guide the development of science and policy for a better future in fisheries. This critical summary follows from the new political trend to have a long-term vision for fish resources development and aquatic ecosystem management.

The new publication as the latest outcome of the SUSFISH+ project is now available. 

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