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  • Latest Publications

    Final Report
    Book of Abstracts

  • Sebastian Stranzl's master thesis: "Quantification of human impacts on fish assemblages in the Upper Volta catchment, Burkina Faso" submitted to the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna.

  • First Results; Book of Abstract: Burkina Faso Workshop and West Africa Symposium in Vienna (2013, June 23 to June 28) Current questions in sustainable fisheries, water management and higher education. Book of abstracts.
    For more information you can find the associated presentation below - as a PDF file for download:
    IUCN Red List Workshop, in Ouagadougou 20-24 May 2013
    Fishermen sacrifices in Lake Bam in May 2013
    SUSFISH Workshop in Kaya and special Gender Workshop Ouagadougou, 25 May 2013

  • Paul Meuelenbroek's Master Thesis: "Fish Assemblages and Habitat Use in the Upper Nakambe Catchment, Burkina Faso" submitted to the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna.

  • The Austrian Development Agency (ADA) published an article about SUSFISH in their magazine "Weltnachrichten" (german for world news). Unfortunately it's only available in german language.

  • Presentations from Burkina Faso Workshop in Vienna (2013, June 27 to June 28):

    SY01 Oueda: Eau et Biodiversité - Water and biodiversity in Burkina Faso
    SY02 Cecchi: Why fisheries in Burkina Faso
    SY03 Zerbo: Fisheries management in West Africa
    SY04 Stranzl: Fish and benthic invertebrates in Burkina Faso
    SY05 Nianogo: IUCN Conservation and ecosystem services
    SY06 SavadogoL: Fish and food security in Burkina Faso
    SY07 Toe: Fisheries and scociety
    SY08 Stinnig: the appear programme
    SY09 Oueda: Higher education in Burkina Faso
    SY10 Kabore: Gender and fisheries in Burkina Faso
    SY11 Habermann: Rural transformation
    SY12 Sendzimir: Integrating natural & social science
    SY13 Krieger: ERA ARD promoting collaboration
    WS01 Melcher: Susfish_melcher_short introduction
    WS02 Meulenbroek: Fish habitat use
    WS03 Stranzl: Fish and human impacts in Burkina Faso
    WS05 Mano: Fish communities
    WS06 Kabore: Macroinvertebrates
    WS07 Savadogo: WP 2 Biodiversity and conservation
    WS08 Oueda: WP 3 Fish communities and waterquality indicators
    WS09 Zerbo: WP4 National policy
    WS10 Kabore: SUSFISH communiqe gender and fisheries
    WS11 Toe: WP5 Governance and fishing
    WS12 SavadogoL: WP7 Fisheries and food security
    WS13 Sendzimir: WP8 Adaptive Management Work Plan
    WS14 Slezak: WP8 Translation Language
    WS15 Oueda: WP6 Education and Research
    WS16 Sawadogo: PhD Aquaculture
    WS17a Zeiringer Continuum disruptions - fish pass types - consideration critiria
    WS17b Albrecht: Hydro-Connect-Wasserkraftschnecke

  • Happy 2013! (PDF, 355 kB)

  • Global Growing: International Dialogue / Brussels(German, PDF, 489 kB)

  • Article from OEAD Newsletter about project SUSFISH (German, PDF, 222 kB)

  • Publication: Spatial and seasonal fish community patterns in impacted and protected semi-arid rivers of Burkina Faso (PDF, 1.554 kB)

  • Water in Africa - The African Studies Centre (ASC) in Leiden provides some good articles

  • Project Design (PDF, 71 kB)



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