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  • Presentation by DI Dr. Andreas Melcher on 14 June in the Robert Jungk Library, Vienna

    For details see the PDF-File (German only).

  • SUSFISH on air!

    Austrian public broadcast radio station "Ö1" will send a programm about Austria's foreign aid, which will suffer a massive budget cut in the next yaears.
    Title: "Ausgehungert? Was österreichische Hochschulen in Sachen Entwicklungszusammenarbeit noch leisten können" (Famished? What Austrian universities can still afford in development cooperation)
    Time: Wednesday 13 August 2014, 19:05 CET, station Ö1

    The program will be available for download 30 days after the original airing.



  • appear - From a new idea to successful partnerships

    Programme presentation and discussion of lessons learnt for future partnerships
    Wednesday 16 July 2014; 17:00 - 18:00
    Centre National des Archives du Burkina

    17:00 appear - From a new idea to successful partnerships (in English)
    Elke Stinnig, Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research, OeAD

    18:00 appear projects – Lessons learnt for future partnerships (in French)

    Sustainable Management of Water and Fish Resources in Burkina Faso | SUSFISH
    Dr. Collette Kabore, Ministry of Animal and Fish Resources
    Dr. Andreas Melcher, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, BOKU, Austria
    Dr. Raymond Ouedraogo, Ministry of Research and Innovation

    Monographs redaction and quality control of endangered antimalarial medicinal plants in Burkina Faso | MEAMP
    Dr. Martin Kiendrebeogo, University of Ouagadougou

    Please also see the PDF-File .

  • Symposium - July 2014
    Archives National, Ouagadougou 15-16 July 2014

    The main objective of the symposium is to share results and support future cooperation between partner institutions. Its specific objectives are as follows:

      - Present the project results among researchers (research and education);
      - Share relevant information with decision makers at other stakeholders;
      - Define further steps;

    About fifty (60) persons could attend the symposium: researchers, students and representatives of institutions that are expected to use the results and/or have any interest in the undertaking.
    More than 20 presentations will be given. They will mainly focus on the research results and the prospective areas of research in fisheries as viewed by the governmental institution in charge of the development of fisheries and aquaculture.
    The symposium will use French as main language but occasionally English if necessary.

    Four sessions are planned as shown in the following table:

    Dates Morning Session Afternoon Session
    15 July Session 1: Aquatic Science Session 2: Fisheries
    16 July Session 3: Socio Economic Session 4 Education:
      APPEAR Activities INFO
      SUSFISH Award
    For a detailed programme please have a look at this PDF-File .

    A book of abstracts and proceedings will be edited. (source: Appear Website )

  • SUSFISH was presented several times in the past few months:
    - on 24 March SUSFISH and Aquatic Biodiversity was presented at the MEAMP Workshop, Vienna: Elements for a Burkina Faso national pharmacopoeia: monographs redaction and quality control of endangered antimalarial medicinal plants.
    - on May 5 Andreas Melcher spoke about sustainable fisheries, gender and traditional knowledge in burkina, on stage at AGRINATURA Science Days in Vienna.
            SUSFISH's Andreas Melcher and local fisher Naba

    - on 21 of May SUSFISH was presented at the JASM 2014 in Portland, Oregon. a big conference on Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting with about 2800 participants. The presentation can be downlodaed here .

  • A follow up of the sacrifice made in Bam 23 May 2013 for productive fishing
    You can find it in this PDF-File.

  • Radio show about Burkina Faso/SUSFISH on air February 3 to 7 2014
    Austrian radio station Ö1 will broadcast a five part series about SUSFISH in the series "Vom Leben der Natur" (from the life of nature). The broadcast starts Monday to Friday at 8:55 a.m. It can also be listened as a livestream on the station's website " and is also available for 7 days after airing on the series' homepage

  • Ferry Starmühlner Award for SUSFISH master student
    Paul Meulenbroek got the award for his master thesis "Fish Assemblages and Habitat Use in the Upper Nakambe Catchment, Burkina Faso " (PDF, 4 MB). Folow this link for a article about the award (German)and the abstract of the master thesis (English)

  • Synergy in action: a new Nuffic publication
    Coordination of capacity building programmes in higher education and research. Please follow the link to the Nuffic homepage for further information and free download of the publication.

  • KEF on Air: Students experiencing Africa. Impressions from Burkina Faso and Kenya. (Radio show in German language)
    Wie sammelt man 18.000 Fische in 3 Monaten und warum? Welche Innovationen haben Bauern und Bäuerinnen in Kenia entwickelt, um knappe Wasserressourcen besser zu nutzen? Solche Fragen und noch vieles mehr diskutieren in dieser Sendung 3 BOKU-Student/innen, die ihre Feldforschung im Rahmen eines appear – Projektes in Burkina Faso und Kenia durchgeführt haben. Sie erzählen von ihren Erlebnissen im Feld und ihren interkulturellen Erfahrungen, von den Herausforderungen, die es zu überwinden gab, aber auch was ihnen Spaß gemacht hat. Das Austrian Partnership Programme in Higher Education and Research for Development – appear ist ein Hochschulkooperationsprogramm finanziert durch die Österreichische Entwicklungszusammenarbeit .

    Boku Students Gestaltung und Moderation: Elke Stinnig

    Gäste: Sangitha Sundaresan, Masterstudentin am BOKU-Institut für Hydraulik und landeskulturelle Wasserwirtschaft , im Rahmen des appear Projektes WATERCAP - Strengthening Universities' Capacities for Mitigating Climate Change Induced Water Vulnerabilities in East Africa

    Paul Meulenbroek und Daniel Trauner, Masterstudenten am BOKU-Institut für Hydrobiologie und Gewässermanagement , im Rahmen des appear Projektes SUSFISH - Sustainable Management of Water and Fish Resources in Burkina Faso

    Musik: Drunk Souls:Promenons nous dans les bois, Youssouf Karembe:Egupo, Rafiqi:Kokanakoya, Saacre:Lebg`nwaka, Africa Freedom:Sur la route Nachzuhören auf Jamendo - eine Community für freie, legale und unlimitierte Musik, die unter Creative Commons Lizenzen veröffentlicht wurde.

    Weblog: Podcast Archiv zu finden auf

    Direktlink zur Sendung

  • Burkina Faso Workshop June 27 to June 28:
    A number of challenges, including climate change and population growth, threaten the fair and sustainable availability of water and fisheries in West Africa.
    The Institute of Hydrobiology and Aquatic Ecosystem Management (IHG) and the Centre for Development Research (CDR), University of Natural Resources and Life Science (BOKU) and the Institut Francais de Vienne have joined to arrange a seminar to review scientific research on how to make reservoir fisheries sustainable in Burkina Faso – results of the APPEAR project SUSFISH (Sustainable Management of Water and Fish Resources in Burkina Faso) will be discussed also.

    The workshop (see programm )is aimed at showing the potential for sustainable solutions that can emerge when a diversity of perspectives from social and natural sciences, from academia, government and informed lay community are integrated in the pursuit of policy reform.
    Presentations on water management, fisheries, rural development, gender and adaptive management will be given by representatives of the following institutions:

      - Ministry of Research and Innovation, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
      - Ministry of Animal and Fish Resources Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
      - Ministry of Life (Lebensministerium, BM für Land und Forstwirtschaft), Vienna, Austria
      - IRD G-eau, France
      - IIASA International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Laxenburg, Austria
      - University of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
      - Polytechnic University of Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso
      - IUCN West and Central Africa, Burkina Faso
      - OEAD Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research, Vienna, Austria
      - BOKU Center for Development Research, Austria
      - BOKU Hydrobiology and Aquatic Ecosystem Management, Austria

    This workshop is part of a one week visit of our Burkinabe colleagues in Vienna. It will run on the 27th and 28th of June 2013 at the Institut Francais de Vienne, Währinger Straße 30, 1090 Vienna and will also introduce sustainability science research currently being pursued by French scientists in Burkina Faso and other Francophone nations of West Africa.

    Finally I want to send you a special invitation on a IUCN and ECOWAS short movie short movie (Les grands Barrages en Afrique de l´Ouest) and a presentation of Dr. A. Oueda (Eau et biodiversité au Burkina Faso : Etat de la recherché) 27th 19:00 at the Institut Francais de Vienne.

    Andi Melcher, Florian Peloschek, Sebastian Stranzl and Jan Sendzimir

    Questions? Please send an email to Andreas Melcher

  • A report from Raymond OUEDRAOGO about a local fishermen's sacrifice ceremony he attended:
    "Dear all
    I was able to have a look on the sacrifice ceremony that the fishermen of lake Bam organised 23 May. The sacrifice was done in Bam village.
    As said in my PhD thesis the Tengsoba (natural resource manager) of Bam village is the one who leads the management of the lake and its resources.
    That us why he was asked to chair and do the sacrifices.
    The fishermen representative, the one sent by the Chief of the Canton of Ratinga ... and any body who was interested could take part and give a
    contribution to the ceremony that took place in a special place on the shore of the lake.
    The pictures that I am sending are organised in the chronological order of the event. Many more pictures and some short video are available.
    No women took part in the ceremony. Excepted the young girl who was asked to carry some ingredients and water (1st picture)

    Pictures of this interesting cereemony and some comments you can see in this PDF-file.

  • On Wednesday, 7 November 2012 at 16:30 c.t., there will be two public presentations at BOKU University:
    "Fish and Benthic Invertebrates in Burkina Faso" by Dr. A. Oueda, University of Ouagadougou
    "Biodiversity and Endangered Nature in West-Africa" by Dr. M. Savadogo, IUCN Burkina Faso
    For more information please visit the event section of BOKU's Institute of Hydrobiology and Aquatic Ecosystem Management homepage.

  • Article from OEAD Newsletter about project SUSFISH (German, PDF, 222 kB).

  • From March 22 to March 25 a film festival with the topic "Water" hosted by the Commission for Development Studies will take place in Vienna. The SUSFISH project will be presented on March 23 by Raymond Ouedraogo (Direction Générale des Ressources Halieutiques), Gabriele Slezak (University of Vienna) and Robert Burtscher (Austrian Development Agency). You can download an info flyer (german) and visit the offical website of the festival.

  • The SUSFISH Kick-off meeting will take place in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, from 09-12 January 2012.




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